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22 June 2023

Jump in

Sea Bathing in Madeira
When visiting Madeira be sure to enjoy a swim at the sea. Or if you are feeling adventurous, dive in like a local. There is something magical in the Madeira sea... probably because you can see all the layers of blue so it´s a reassuring feeling as if you  know what you are getting into.

Around the Island (specially on the south side as the north sea is usually a bit more rough) specially during the summer days, you will find many locals enjoying dives into the sea. Kids and teenagers love to jump into the sea and you will find many adults also playing along. 

Some of our favourite places for this are Barreirinha Beach, Fajã dos Padres or Cais do Sardinha at Caniçal. 
Even if you are not feeling especially adventurous on a particular day, you can always relax and watch the "dive in dance". More experienced teenagers usually have a very diverse set of dives that are really cool to watch. 


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